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      Name: DrCUche2011          Category: Eng
Outstanding and versatile engineer with a PhD from the University of Cambridge in Optoelectronics and a further years of research in Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) technologies at the University of Oxford. Has over 8 years experience working in UK companies such as National Grid UK, Bartington Instruments and Toumaz, BSkyB. Has extensive experience as follows; Software: 8 years software development/tests/deployment in real products using C#. ASP.NET, ADO.NET, MVC4, EF, Razor, Nunit,TDD etc. Project Management: 5 years of managing projects with over twenty people. Hardware design:3 years of mixed signal design. R&D: 6 years in optoelectronics          
      Name: DrUche2011          Category: IT
Strong (and practical) software development experience in industry using mostly C and C++. Projects that I have undertaken included developing software for Bartington Instruments’ fluxgate magnetometers and gradiometers used in the defence and medical markets and writing embedded C codes for the for DAQ systems as Toumaz UK Ltd. I have recently developed a complete database driven social network site using technologies such as SQL server 2005/2008, C#.NET, HTML, CSS, XML and Javascript.          
      Name: Grace111          Category: Business
A part-qualified Accountant with MSc. in Business and Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and a 1st Class AAT certificate. Solid experience in All - round accounts, Business Management, Financial and Management Accounts reports, Payroll, Audit and Client support. Bookkeeping and Accounts Services. Call me today and you will be glad you did!          
      Name: jaylo22          Category: Education
I am a sen teacher,I'm also a qualified teacher of the deaf.I worked specifically with children with special education needs.          
      Name: GCI8489          Category: Consult
An award-winning Chartered Marketer with more than 14 years blue chip FMCG business-building Brand Management, Consumer Insight, Customer Marketing and Organization Development experience. Have analysed multiple data sources and recommended strategic trade arguments that grew share and value for UK FMCG brands. Have developed and led cross-functional execution of insight-led marketing plans that grew revenue, market share and profit          
      Name: DrCUOxford          Category: Education
I have a PhD in optoelectronics and photonic switching from Cambridge University and hence I can advice anyone such as degree level students, research students and research companies in any of the above areas. I also have over 2 yrs experience in LCD research from Oxford University. I have also worked as a Principal Engineers and Project Manager at both medical and defence companies hence I help anyone with electronic design, embedded C,C++, C#, ASP.NET 2.0, T-SQL and SQL database software development.          
      Name: Bomaokereke          Category: Fashion
I sell African uncut materials that you can use to make african traditinal wears.          
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