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Get Solutions at minimal cost
+ Use Miniyap to seek out experts who can provide solutions to your business quickly at every stage of your buisness such as product development or launch phase.

+ Reduce or eliminate high consultancy fees and increase the knowledge base of your company  by selecting experts who have extensive knowledge in your field and who are offering to provide solutions, guidance, advice or answer questions at reasonable costs.


Get help with recruitment
+ Businesses often use Miniyap as a pointer to the right candidate to recruit for a post. If a company had once been in touch with an expert and were happy with the answers or advice they received, it is often the case that the company might want to use the services of the expert either on a short or long term basis. This can also lead to the company employing the right candidate.

Get a lead into new business areas
+ Getting a lead into new areas are crucial to most business success. Most experts at Miniyap have amassed a wealth of knowledge and a long list of relevant business contacts. Businesses can benefit by getting that crucial contact name for a particular industry or business.

+ Getting in touch with the right industry contact can invaribly open the door to business opportunities, alliances and sales opportunities.
Get a global perspective
+ Are you hoping to launch or expand your business to other areas of the globe? By speaking to experts from that area, you can tap into the local knowledge and get a feel of the reality and the possibility of your business succeding in that location.

+ By speaking to various people, you can sample opinion, get advice and suggestions that will help you to build a clearer picture and assess the feasibility of your business - based on the wealth of knowledge of real people who are on the ground.
Eliminate guess work
+ Eliminate guess work by using the wealth of knowledge available from different experts around the globe who are versed in your area of business.

+ Get in touch with experts 24hrs, everyday of the week.

+ By talking to real experts, you can query the answers they provided, seek clarifications, ask for suggestions or even pose new questions. All these are not possible using search engines.






Create dedicated pages
+ Create a dedicated page for your business at Miniyap where you can post relevant questions relating to your business and experts can bid to provide answers to those questions.

+ A dedicated page also provides a good and also FREE  advertising spot for all your goods and services.





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