Terms of Service

At Miniyap, we want everyone to enjoy the services provided. The legal TERMS OF SERVICE are not meant to scare you but to ensure that Miniyap can freely provide its services to the public and the users can all enjoy the services provided.


A couple of definitions to start with:

Buyers: These are the people who are looking for answers, suggestions, referrals or advice and are willing to pay to receive such answers or solutions. Buyers may or may not register before buying answers on Miniyap.


Sellers: These are the people who are offering to provide answers, suggestions, referrals or solution and will be paid for providing the answers and solutions.  Sellers MUST register before selling answers on Miniyap.

Content: This refers to any information or data (whether verbal or written) that is provided (uploaded or published on Miniyap’s website).

Users: These are individuals/persons, businesses, institutions and organisations that trade,  deals or who use the Miniyap’s  website whether they are registered or not. They can be buyers or sellers or those simply browsing the Miniyap website.

Transaction: This represents any activity between users of the Miniyap website such (but not limited to) asking a question, receiving answers, referrals, advice or suggestions and payment for  answers or solutions.


These terms and conditions are important. You should read them carefully and in their entirety. They state in the simplest terms our conditions of service and commitments to you and your obligations and commitments to us.

You must read, indicate your acceptance of, and thereafter adhere to these terms before using the website and the resources and answers provided on the website.


Condition for use of information from Miniyap’s website

Miniyap is not responsible for the answers provided by members/users, and does not violate the intellectual property of any person or organisation. Miniyap only serves as a platform where users meet.  Users here refer to Individual(s)/persons, businesses, institutions or organisations that are trading, dealing, giving information or receiving information, advice, referrals, recommendations or any other form of solution. Answers provided by the users are solely the responsibility of the users.

Minyap does not verify, suggest, endorse, recommend or approve any information (whether spoken or written) provided by any user of the website whether they are buyers or sellers or those simply browsing Miniyap’s website.

Miniyap does not guarantee the qualifications or the validity of the information by the users of the website. At all times the people involved in transaction on Miniyap’s website must be consenting individuals who agrees to give and receive information without Miniyap knowing the terms of such agreement or the information asked for or received. Miniyap is only a platform where users meet. Miniyap therefore does not recommend, verify or endorse in any shape or form the information provided by the users regardless of their background, experience or qualification.


Users agree to access and use the content on the Miniyap website and any advice or services received from other users at THEIR OWN RISK. Miniyap is NOT INVOLVED in any transactions between users (buyers and sellers or people browsing the Miniyap’s website). Miniyap therefore disclaim all responsibility and makes no guarantee for the accuracy, legality, completeness, reliability or suitability of any information either written or spoken that is provided by users. Miniyap founders, partners, associates, successors, agents  or advisers will not be responsible for any loss, damage, infringement, harm, disruption or deletion that may occur due to the reliance or use of data or information  from Miniyap’s website - either written or spoken as provided on the Miniyap website or by other users of the website. Users  should ensure that they verify, question and seek clarification regarding the knowledge, experience, credentials and  qualifications of user they have contacted (especially those who have registered as a sellers) and who intend to provide advice, answers, referrals or suggestions to them.

Miniyap reserves the right to update, alter, secure, improve or modify the content of its website and therefore does not guarantee, indefinite, free, uninterrupted, error free or unchanging services. Miniyap reserves the right to change the order or quality of its services, its charges, access to the website and the content type at any time without express warning.


Information provided by users of the website should be used with care at all times and it is the responsibility of anyone using the information to verify the accuracy, legality, completeness or validity of such information from the person or organisation that provided the information.


Governing rules

Users must agree to all the terms and conditions of Miniyap and must abide by them. Anyone, individuals/persons, businesses, institutions and organisations that do not agree to the terms of use and  Privacy Policy  of Miniyap should not use, deal or trade on Miniyap. By accepting the terms and conditions of Miniyap on the registration, you are also accepting Miniyap’s  Privacy Policy .

By signing up as a member, you have agreed that Miniyap and its associates such as owners, shareholders, directors, managers, consultants, successors or employees will not be liable for any damages, injuries or errors caused due to the reliance on the information provided by any user of the website whether buyers, sellers or those simply browsing the website.


Posting and uploading content

By registering on Miniyap’s website, you agree not to upload or publish information or materials that can be considered offensive, harmful, libellous, derogatory, racist, harassing, unlawful or materials that have element of nudity or that might infringe the rights or the intellectual property of an individual or any organisation.

As a user of Miniyap, you agree not to upload any  software or material that can cause damage to the Miniyap’s website such as worms, Trojan horses, viruses or any other malevolent material or software that can cause or encourage illegal, criminal activities or infringement of local, national and international laws.

Any user of the Miniyap’s website is bound by the Miniyap’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy . The Terms and Conditions are the condition/binding legal obligations that governs the use of the Miniyap’s website be it the access or supply of verbal or written information in terms of documents, graphics, text, images regardless of the form in which the information is supplied be it either in a digital or printed form.

You should be aware that any information that you upload or publish on Miniyap will be viewed by other users around the world and as such sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details or sensitive business information should not be posted on Miniyap’s website. Miniyap disclaims the responsibility for the disclosure or publication of such information. Furthermore by publishing information on Miniyap’s website, you agree that Miniyap or third parties can use such information for purpose of illustration, trends analysis or advertising.

When posting any information or data on Miniyap’s website, you are responsible to ensure that you have obtained permission from the owner of the information or data and have full right to use such information which might be images, abstracts, photographs, publications, works of art, business data or personal data. Miniyap will not be responsible for obtaining such permissions or ensuring that such permission are obtained. However where complaints have been received about any content posted on its site Miniyap reserves the right to remove such content or in the extreme case close the account of anyone who is deliberately infringing on people’s copyright. By signing up to Miniyap, you agree not to mislead, misrepresent, exaggerate or provide information which you know to be false or vague in nature.

By submitting or posting any information on Miniyap, you are granting Miniyap and its associates a non-exclusive and royalty-free license to use such information anywhere in the world. You are also granting Miniyap and its associates the right to reproduce, modify, adapt, transmit and redistribute such information to its associates and third-parties in any form be it verbally or written. Such information can also form a part of Miniyap’s adverts, notices and publications and can be used both now and in future without seeking further permission from you. These include any information that is openly published on Miniyap’s website. Such information can be made available to third parties and you will not be paid by Miniyap for the use of such information or data.

Miniyap’s duty to you is to ensure that materials which are of personal nature such as phone numbers, password or e-mail addresses will be excluded.

Users consent to Miniyap collecting and processing any personal information, as per the terms of Miniyap’s Privacy Policy.


General Conduct

 Being a user of Miniyap’s website you also agree not to be abusive, offensive, dishonest or  threatening and you agree not to engage, suggest or act in any way that will endanger, frighten or harass other users such as swearing, stalking or making racist remarks.

  • You agree to be honest in the use or provision of information and will at no time exaggerate, provide false information or make bogus claims in terms of ones knowledge, experience or qualifications.
  • When creating a profile on Miniyap, you also agree not to impersonate, misrepresent, falsify, exaggerate or make bogus claims with regards to your competence, qualifications, knowledge and experience. You also agree not to use usernames or images that are offensive, dubious or misleading. The use of trademarked names should be avoided except express permission to use such names has been granted to the person using the name.


  • If you are ever dissatisfied with the services you received either from Miniyap or from other users, you can contact our sales department using sales@miniyap.com. In such a circumstance you agree not to make untruthful or libellous comments or post such issues in forums or websites unconnected with Miniyap. Miniyap will ensure that it deals with any complaints within a reasonable time on average that is within 5 working days.


Miniyap Services

Miniyap wants you to enjoy that services it provides both now and in future and you should be aware that Miniyap’s services will evolve and develop with time and changes in technology, legislation or business interest. Miniyap grants you a personal, royalty-free, non-assignable, non-exclusive and world-wide access to its services.

You also agree to use the services provided AS IS and guarantee that by Miniyap providing you a service, you will in return NOT DO ANYTHING that will interfere, obstruct, disrupt or damage  Miniyap and associated websites by engaging in malevolent practices such as spamming or phishing. You also guarantee not to tamper with, rehash, adapt, modify or resell any service provided by Miniyap (in whole or in part) to third parties without express written permission from Miniyap. Miniyap is willing to partner with other organisations but such partnerships only come into place by mutual consent and Miniyap giving express permission in the form of a legally binding contract with such partners.


Sustainability of Service

In an increasingly changing world of technology, legislation and business interests,  Miniyap does not guarantee that it services will never change, be modified or enhanced in a way the suit changing business opportunities, technological changes or for meeting business targets. Miniyap reserves the right to update, upgrade, temporarily stop or shut down any of its services where there are genuine reasons to do so.



Use of Adverts

You agree the Miniyap will place adverts on any part of the Miniyap website. Such adverts might be displayed next to any content placed on the website and might be such that it relates to the content that was posted or uploaded to the Miniyap website by users. Miniyap can from time to time send out announcements, information update or general administrative or management messages that are required for the effective management of the Miniyap’s website and you may not be able to opt out from receiving such information.


Use of Miniyap Name, Logo, Brand name and Domain names

The use of the name MINIYAP remains the sole right of Miniyap and its proprietors and you agree not to use the Miniyap name, logo, brand name or domain names for any purpose be it personal or commercial which will be in breach of the respective countries' copyright and trademark laws. In the case where Miniyap provide a link which can be incorporated to other websites, such link should be used AS IS and effort should not be made to create any impression of alliance or affiliation to Miniyap with the intention to deceive or mislead the public.



Miniyap pay users monthly in arrears of questions already answered and services already rendered.  Payments are made on questions answered or answers provided where there have not been complaints by a buyer necessitating a refund to the buyer. Payments are made pending verification from the accounts department.  Payments are made vial Paypal to sellers at the end of the month whenever earnings reaches £100.00. Verification are made through Paypal and Miniyap’s  accounting departments.


Third Party services and Links

Miniyap is not responsible for the use of third-parties software such as Paypal. Moreover if links are posted on Miniyap’s website  either by Miniyap management or users, such links are provided AS IS. Hence Miniyap are not recommending, vouching for, suggesting or approving such external sites which Miniyap have no control over. You agree that you will make a judgement and access such links at your own risk and that Miniyap will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred due to accessing such website or due to carelessness, misuse, abuse, omissions, or the inappropriate use of such third-party services or links.


Supplying your email address

Miniyap do not pass or sell your personal details to third parties. However by supplying such personal details, you agree and authorise Miniyap to use such details to send announcements, information update or general administrative or management messages that are required for the effective management of the Miniyap’s website and you may not be able to opt out from receiving such information.


Disclosure to law enforcement agents

Miniyap do not disclose personal information to third parties however Miniyap is obliged to disclose such information in cases where such information are required by government authorities, law enforcement agencies or legal representatives in order to investigate fraud or violation of local, national or international laws, protection of the public and detection and prevention of crimes.


Governing Laws

The law of the United Kingdom shall govern any claim relating to Miniyap.



Miniyap Terms and Conditions  and Privacy Policies govern any activity on Miniyap’s website and information supplied to Miniyap. By signing on to Miniyap, you agree that information supplied to Miniyap during registration process or information posted publicly on Miniyap’s website can be stored or securely transferred to servers in different countries. Miniyap can also use third party secure servers/ providers for storing such information. In all cases,  Miniyap will ensure to the best of its ability that all such data are stored securely but it must be borne in mind that no server or storage system is 100% secure or fault-proof. Miniyap, its proprietors, directors, associates or agents will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damage that a user or any member might suffer due to unauthorized access, hacking or intrusion into any of its servers or third party servers. Miniyap also disclaims any damage that might occur due to the Act of GOD such as flood, volcano activity, tsunami, landslide or earthquake.



Users are encouraged to make every effort to ensure that they access the Miniyap’s  website securely. Such steps include (but not limited to the following):

-          Avoid posting or disclosing personal details such as password, telephone numbers, credit card details, house addresses or any other information that might be considered of personal nature publicly on Miniyap.

-          Users are advised to use secure passwords which should be a combination of symbols and alphanumeric characters and should consist of upper cases, lower cases and symbols. The password should be as long as possible.

-          Users are advised to change their password regularly on average every 1 – 3 months.

-          Ensure that you sign out from Miniyap website and close your browser after accessing your personal page on Miniyap using a public computer to avoid other people gaining access to your account.

-          Scan every material you downloaded from Miniyap or received from other users during your transactions on Miniyap with antivirus software. Miniyap is solely a platform for connecting people hence Miniyap, its proprietors, director, associates and successors  will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by such materials or due to the lack of care such as opening documents or attachments without scanning them with antivirus software.

Having being registered on Miniyap, it is your responsibility to follow all necessary steps (including those outlined above) to ensure that your personal registration details are kept secure. You should NOT SELL OR TRANSFER your Miniyap account to another person or organisation.

You should be aware that you are responsible for all activities whatsoever (whether legal or illegal) including transactions, data transfers, data upload or download that are carried out using your Miniyap account details. You will be responsible for any loss or damage to others or Miniyap for the use (with or without your consent) of your Miniyap account by another person. If you suspect that your Miniyap account details (such as password or username ) have in any way been compromised, you should contact Miniyap immediately  on support@miniyap.com.


Transactions and Payments

Whenever there is a transaction between a buyer and seller, the buyer agrees to pay in full and abide by the pricing terms of the seller. The seller also agrees to PROMPTLY PROVIDE ANSWERS TO THE BUYER within 1 day.


Miniyap makes a provision for sellers to be rated.  Such ratings are only achieved following a transaction. The buyers should ensure that they rate the seller AFTER receiving answers, suggestions, referrals or solutions from the seller and should therefore be honest in rating the seller in reflection of the quality of service received. The buyer should not abuse, manipulate or tamper with the rating process in a bid to deceive, mislead or tarnish the reputation of the seller.



 Updates and Revisions

Miniyap reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions and the privacy policies of the site in relation to new developments or government legislations. You should check this page regular for the recent updates and to ensure that you are happy with any future addition, deletion of modifications.



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