Your personal information is put simply “ your personal information” and at Miniyap we take seriously our duty to ensure that such information ARE STORED AND USED SECUREDLY and in good faith in the manner that you intended us to use the information and in line with our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.




Miniyap uses cookies and session variables to temporarily store information on the users local disks. Cookies and sessions used on Miniyap website temporarily store small pieces information  that enable the website to function correctly. These cookies and sessions are mostly deleted once the browser is closed. Users can also set their browsers to accept or reject cookies but we advise that you allow cookies on your browser in order to effectively use all the features provided by Miniyap. Moreover, we do not use the cookies to store any personal information or to track user activity on our website. We do not track or target users or store their IP addresses.



Third Party Software

Miniyap make use of third party software such as web search and analytics software notably Google search and Google analytics. Miniyap’s website also contains links to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You should be aware that while Miniyap do not log user activity or track users, that these third party websites might log or track your activity or log your IP addresses.


Information Disclosure

Miniyap do not disclose personal information to third parties however Miniyap is obliged to disclose such information in cases where such information are required by government authorities, law enforcement agencies or legal representatives in order to investigate fraud or violation of local, national or international laws, protection of the public and detection and prevention of crimes.

As with all businesses,  Miniyap might be involved in mergers, reorganisations, takeovers, bankruptcy or sales. In any of such events, all data in the possession of Miniyap might be part of such transactions and as such can be transferred, sold or shared with new partners. However the use or storage of such data will still be in line with Miniyap’s privacy policy.


Changing your Personal Information

When you register on Miniyap’s website, you are provided  with tools to access or modify the personal information such as telephone numbers, password or emails address as provided during the registration process or during subsequent updates.


Policy for Minors

At Miniyap we aim to provide an enjoyable and responsible service. Miniyap’s services as provided by MINIYAP.COM are not deemed suitable for those under 13 years old as it often involves provision of answers, suggestions and advice and making of payments. It is recommended that those between the ages of 13 – 18 year should first obtain the permission of an adults i.e. a parent or a guidance before registering at Miniyap.  Hence as a part of Miniyap terms of use, we do not encourage the use of the service by under 13 year olds. If you become aware that information has been submitted or uploaded by an under 13, do contact Miniyap at



Registration Information

During registration, Miniyap require users to provide such information such as username, Name, telephone number and location:

Username: This should be any preferred username by which you want to be known on the Miniyap website- This is the name that will be displayed publicly on Miniyap’s website.

Name: This should be your real name and is used for the purpose of identifying your especially for payment purposes. This is NEVER displayed to the public

Surname: This should be your real surname and is used for the purpose of identifying your especially for payment purposes. This is NEVER displayed to the public

Locality: Your locality is required as it gives the other users the assurance that you have the local knowledge especially for answers, suggestions or advice where the knowledge of a particular location is required. For example if someone wants advice on the best primary school in Chicago, it gives more confidence to the buyer to know that you are located in Chicago.

Telephone: It is advisable to have a dedicated mobile phone for use  for your Miniyap transactions. With the cost of getting a mobile phone falling by the day it is best to have a dedicated telephone for your Miniyap business.


Supplying your e-mail address

Miniyap do not pass or sell your personal details to third parties. However by supplying such personal details, you agree and authorise Miniyap to use such details to send announcements, information update or general administrative or management messages that are required for the effective management of the Miniyap website and you may not be able to opt out from receiving such information. Except for the key operational emails all the other e-mails sent by Miniyap provide the option of opting out.



By providing us your personal details such as email in confidence, Miniyap in return assures you that your email will not be sold to third parties hence you can be rest assured that your inbox will not suddenly be filled with spam mail simply because you registered with us. Except for announcements and notices which you might receive roughly once a month or emails relating to transactions you made, you will not receive unsolicited emails from Miniyap or its partners.


Effective Date

This privacy policy is effective from from: 11 Nov 2011

Miniyap reserves the right to update, revise improve and modify this privacy policy from time to time in line with technological changes, changes in legislation or in order to meet business targets. Please check this page regularly to ensure that you are happy with future changes, additions or modifications.

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