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Miniyap is social network set up as an online community of knowledge where everyone can share their knowledge and earn money. There are lots of information on the internet but not every answer can be found by searching the internet. Experience show that people frequently waste hours and even days searching fruitlessly for information on the internet. More often the information found is not exact or it is out of date. This is a problem that we aim to solve at Miniyap. Our aim is to enable people to find the exact information they are looking for and find it quickly.


Our strategy at Miniyap is talk, share and earn. We believe that there is no common knowledge. Whether you are an academic, student, consultant, doctor, plumber, postman, stock exchange dealer, homemaker or journalist, your knowledge is useful to someone somewhere. Every registered user has their own Miniyap homepage where they trade and also manage their earnings.  It is also FREE to register.

Whether you are retired or actively working, you have acquired lots of knowledge through education, travels and other experiences. Your knowledge is valuable at Miniyap.  Moreover, you will also get paid for them. Someone somewhere is desperately seeking that information that is in your head. There is something you know even within your locality or where you have been to that will definitely help someone who wants to move to or have business interest in the same location.

Miniyap also serves as a platform for job for all. You can work for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, part –time, full time, on the way to work or even on your bed. There is no restriction. All you need is an internet connection or a phone. You can use a computer or any internet enabled mobile device.

Our patented model is simply, have a question or problem, come to Miniyap and get a solution within minutes. Equally you can join the online community to share your knowledge and get paid for it. It is a win win for all.



Miniyap Features

Miniyap gives everyone that signs up the opportunity to have their own account, create their profile and upload pictures of their choice. They can also see and manage their customers, set their own price - giving everyone the power to establish their own business and be their own boss in one online community.




Miniyap is privately funded



Contact Our Team:

If you want to know more about Miniyap: Contact us at info@miniyap.com



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